Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Time Management

An aspect for me completing work is completing it on time. I do tend to forget about things unless I am currently working on them. I will remember them after they are supposed to be turned in just like Blog Post 3 was a forgotten assignment. I do believe that I should work harder on keeping up with time for my work and or making a schedule so that I can get them done. It is also a hard aspect as to how long I have worked because me working for a few minutes seems longer then that or I could work on something I like to do and forget about time all together. But I do believe I will get my time managed out right so that I can keep my assignments completed on time.


  1. I'm the same way. I always forget to do things. I'll always remember after the assignment were due. But now I remember we always have an assignment due evevy Tuesday and Wednesday and I always do them ASAP.

  2. I also suffer from this i always let dumb things consume time insead of doing important things like school work and staying prepared for the next days assingments