Thursday, February 23, 2012

Skate: Not Just A Sport At The X-Games

              Skateboarding is more than just a few guys and girls at the skate park or on the side walk skating. Skateboarding has become more of a culture or a life style in itself. Many people think skateboarding is just a way to look cool or exercise. It turns out to be so much more than that. It turns out the people you skate with become somewhat of a family to you. Skateboarding is also a way to take out your emotions like when you get angry or when you get pissed off.
              Skateboarding teaches you respect and patience in the way of learning. One of the first ways is how to ride the board and get “board control.” Then you have to take time and practice how to pop an ollie which is one of the first tricks you need to learn in order to continue on to tricks such as kickflips and hillflips. You get respect from your fellow skaters when you learn a new trick or they are teaching you how to land the trick you have been trying to land for a few weeks. Respect comes in all forms from your fellow skaters like them not ragging you if you can’t pull off a trick the first time or if you can’t manual right off hand.


  1. Skateing can be a very good way to release energy. I always used to skate, i wasnt very good at it but it was a good way to free my mind. I always felt better after i got off the board than when I got on it. I might start back up soon.

  2. I used to skate and I totally agree with Austin. Skating is a great way to deal with stress and releasing energy. I would always skate after school to clear my head.

  3. I'm sure that skating is agreat to release stressful situations although I'm not sure I have the guts. I have big fear of falling.