Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Audio Video or Mash-ups

            I think that the DS106 website really gives you a way to learn in your own manner. At the same time you are learning digital storytelling like it implies. I personally think I will stay in three categories and they are the video, audio, or the mash ups. I may venture out to the visual or the web but I'm not so sure on those.
            The video category would let me implement some of the talents I have already in computers. I know how to make some videos and I know how to do some editing. I just think having ideas from other people will really help me work on them. It also gets me over part of the brainstorming process. I can “get my hands dirty” quicker so to speak.
            With the audio category I have wanted to try out some of the audio programs I have on my computer. That allows me to do it while doing my assignment. It allows me to work out kinks I may have and it wouldn’t be cutting into my school time it would actually be my school work. I can also just do some of the assignments to sharpen the skills and improve.
            The mash ups category would be a fun category to play around in. Buffalax! Assignment looks fun it wants you to take a video that’s not in English and caption it into the English language. It’s a way to hone in more than one of your skills not just your video or your audio. I think this way I personally think that mash ups is a great category just to have fun with.
            The DS106 website will take learning to a new level allowing students to learn and work on their skills that they are already good at. I personally would love for this class to be offered at JSU so that we could have been doing this the entire semester.


  1. It really is great that you get to be creative in your own element! It opens the way for a lot of opportunity. Plus you can always look around at all the other categories and find something you may like as well. I wish there was a class like this at JSU, it would be amazing!

  2. I totally agree. Even if you're not good at some of the categories given they still offer some assignments that are very explanatory and creative.

  3. I to wish there was a class like this at JSU. If we had a class like this I feel as if people would want to do there best because of the creativity that it requires.

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