Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Blank Canvas

            What is one thing that makes this world great? I think one thing that makes this world great is the great freedom of expression that exists in our world. I personally think that the world wouldn’t be what it is today without art, music, sports, and just the many other things you can do to express yourself. Another great thing is what I want to call the Blank Canvas.
            The Blank Canvas to me is the human soul. I think without expressing anything you like it will stay a blank canvas. The expression of one’s true beliefs, feelings, and overall actions that define that one person “paints on that canvas.” I feel that ever action I take such as the action of me liking skateboarding has added some vivid color to my soul. I also believe that no two people’s canvases are “painted” with the same colors or have the same “brush strokes.”
            To me expression should be a proud thing and it should not be hidden away. I think that expression should be allowed. I know that people automatically have a bad thought about skateboarders. I never personally had anything against them and well now I am one. I usually say what is on my mind and express my thoughts or feelings in some creative way. But I don’t think that anyone should walk around with a “Blank Canvas.”


  1. Freedom of expression is also a topic that I hold close as well. Without freedom of expression the world would be a much more grim and bland place.

  2. I respect your outlook on this subject it seems pretty original. I've never heard anything like it.

  3. I agree with everybody man. We need freedom of expression in everyday life. I respect your outlook, and to go on what Jesse said we need to have expression or the world would be grim and bland.