Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Assessment

I know I started this course with little or no ambition in writing. As you could see in my first couple of blog post. Then a week or two before midterm when we got the go to "teach" about stuff we liked in the blog post my process changed. I started brainstorming ideas to write about, I also started composing rough drafts and editing my writings. I did revise my writings but I could have used peer help on them. I had a lot of consideration when I really started writing, and my main role as a writer was to explain or teach about subjects I cared about. I learned about developing a thesis and i did support my thesis in the writings. The one thing was integrating other people's ideas into mine was a little bit of a challenge but I found a way to do it.

I know i should consider my audience a little more clearly but I will continue to learn more about who I am writing for and I will strive to do so in a way that makes me a better writer. I also need to read up and study more on documenting other people's ideas in my writing so that I do not get caught for plagiarizing anyone else works.

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